Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Home

I am home safe and sound.  I have spent the evening unpacking, doing laundry, opening up and shredding stacks of mail, and of course cuddling on the couch with my 'puppy' (my eight-year-old, min-pin) Destiny.  I missed her so much!  I am happy to see her and snuggle with her. :o)

Wow, Wow, and WOW! I had an amazing life changing vacation! I can hardly wait to tell you all about it.

I am so far behind on my blog I don't even know where to begin...well I guess the best place to begin is where I left off.  I will do that soon.  Now, I need sleep. 

Thank you all for following me on my blog. I will update soon!! :o)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It is Wednesday already! Really?

They say "time flies when you are having fun" that case I must be having a blast!!  

Saturday, October 30th; I had lunch with my friend Mary at a yummy local restaurant (The Blue Corn 'something')... it was fun catching up and sharing my adventures with her.  After lunch l got back into the car and set cruse control for Sedona, AZ.  It was a beautiful drive! I love to see the mountains and the BIG open sky.  The drive-time went fast as I talked to my friend Rachelle and got to relive my adventures with her. I got to my hotel and fell into bed, exhausted.

Sunday, October 31st; I started my day with a Pink Jeep Tour.  Yes, they are hot pink Jeeps!  It was a three hour tour, four-wheeling up/down and all over the mountains/rocks.  It was a blast and I highly recommend it to everyone.  I then went to the Cathedral Rock. The views from the rock were breathtaking! It was very calm yet energetic at the same time.  I sat in the sun on the retaining wall surrounding the church and wrote in my journal for quite some time.  As I sat there writing and letting the calm energy fill my soul I could see the other visitors come and go and hear their conversations as distant mumbles.  I overheard one woman say to another “That’s what I want you to do; sit and write deep thoughts.”  I felt both of them looking at me. So I looked up and asked them if I was in there way (I didn’t want to block the view for anyone or end up in anyone’s vacation photos). A twangy southern accent replied; “No, {not in our way} you just look so profound in deep thought.  I could never be that profound.”
Me~ “It was hard for me at first too. However, I am learning to just sit, be still, and let my thoughts and feelings overtake me. I just quite my heart and be.”
Woman~ “You must be a native. You look and sound like you belong here.”
The entire conversation resonated with me.  I really have learned to relax and let go.  I HAVE let go of all of the little things that really have no bearing on my life.  I have learned that fear is wasted energy.  What will happen, will happen. Fear or worry will not change what is to be.  I pray that this feeling stays with me after I return home and to my ‘everyday’ routine. I have met many new people along my journey.  These ladies were not the first to ask/assume that I lived here (in New Mexico and/or Arizona).  It is amusing to me that of all of the people I have meet very few are actually ‘from’ here {here; wherever I am at the moment} the only natives I have met are Native Americans. Everyone else seems to have the same story; “I came out here on vacation, fell in love with the location/ the feeling/ the energy and I moved here ASAP.  I ended my night at the look-out on airport road as I watched the sunset over the city of Sedona.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!!

Monday, November 1st; I went to Red Rock State Park. Planned to make a day of it… the day did not go as planned.  However…I will have to tell you about that another time…it is and I must get some sleep.  :o)