Thursday, November 4, 2010

It is Wednesday already! Really?

They say "time flies when you are having fun" that case I must be having a blast!!  

Saturday, October 30th; I had lunch with my friend Mary at a yummy local restaurant (The Blue Corn 'something')... it was fun catching up and sharing my adventures with her.  After lunch l got back into the car and set cruse control for Sedona, AZ.  It was a beautiful drive! I love to see the mountains and the BIG open sky.  The drive-time went fast as I talked to my friend Rachelle and got to relive my adventures with her. I got to my hotel and fell into bed, exhausted.

Sunday, October 31st; I started my day with a Pink Jeep Tour.  Yes, they are hot pink Jeeps!  It was a three hour tour, four-wheeling up/down and all over the mountains/rocks.  It was a blast and I highly recommend it to everyone.  I then went to the Cathedral Rock. The views from the rock were breathtaking! It was very calm yet energetic at the same time.  I sat in the sun on the retaining wall surrounding the church and wrote in my journal for quite some time.  As I sat there writing and letting the calm energy fill my soul I could see the other visitors come and go and hear their conversations as distant mumbles.  I overheard one woman say to another “That’s what I want you to do; sit and write deep thoughts.”  I felt both of them looking at me. So I looked up and asked them if I was in there way (I didn’t want to block the view for anyone or end up in anyone’s vacation photos). A twangy southern accent replied; “No, {not in our way} you just look so profound in deep thought.  I could never be that profound.”
Me~ “It was hard for me at first too. However, I am learning to just sit, be still, and let my thoughts and feelings overtake me. I just quite my heart and be.”
Woman~ “You must be a native. You look and sound like you belong here.”
The entire conversation resonated with me.  I really have learned to relax and let go.  I HAVE let go of all of the little things that really have no bearing on my life.  I have learned that fear is wasted energy.  What will happen, will happen. Fear or worry will not change what is to be.  I pray that this feeling stays with me after I return home and to my ‘everyday’ routine. I have met many new people along my journey.  These ladies were not the first to ask/assume that I lived here (in New Mexico and/or Arizona).  It is amusing to me that of all of the people I have meet very few are actually ‘from’ here {here; wherever I am at the moment} the only natives I have met are Native Americans. Everyone else seems to have the same story; “I came out here on vacation, fell in love with the location/ the feeling/ the energy and I moved here ASAP.  I ended my night at the look-out on airport road as I watched the sunset over the city of Sedona.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!!

Monday, November 1st; I went to Red Rock State Park. Planned to make a day of it… the day did not go as planned.  However…I will have to tell you about that another time…it is and I must get some sleep.  :o)


  1. I agree that Sedona is beautiful. We took a jeep tour there too--tho' not the pink one. There are some fabulous cliff dwellings near there. Can't quite remember the location but I think it had the name Montezuma associated with it.

  2. Hi Becky. So glad to hear from you again. I have never been out west, but Sharon has and agrees with you that it is beautiful. I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful time. It is hard to find a quiet place to see inside yourself, but try to keep doing this when you get back to "real life." This might sound weird, but cemeteries are great places for reflection. Many are like parks.
    Keep having fun and Stay Safe.

  3. Hi Becky. We forgot to tell you
    Karen doesn't have a computer at home, so she came over to read your blog. She said to tell you Hi and she's glad you are having fun. She and a couple of friends are in North Carolina visiting the Biltmore House. It's decorated for Christmas.
    Have much fun and Stay Safe.