Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The drive...I made it!

Wind storms 50 - 80mph winds!!  It was CRAZY!  Driving across the pan handel of TX is long!!! OK and NM the wind beat me up!  I have bruses on my hands & harms from trring to pump gas, open/close the cardoor without the cardoor blowing away! 

And the audio books I downloaded??  Well...I had no idea that downloading them to the ipod would rearange the chapters in alpa order... I listened to "The Last Lecture" (out of order), "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Future" (out of order)... However the chapters in "Why is Go Laughing?" are numbered so I actually got to hear that in order. I attempted "Running with Scisors"...but that made no sence out of order! LOL!

More later...I'm on my way to explore Santa Fe


  1. This is cool taking us along on your vacation!

    I always preferred the Texas portion to the OK portion.... That state was torture for me, it just kept going and going! Funny about the books - how were they listening to them out of order? I just finished Why is God Laughing? for the second time.
    I am excited to hear your thoughts on Santa Fe :) I loved it there.

  2. Hi Becky.
    Glad you made it there, albeit a bit bruised and battered :) I guess listening to the books out of order kept you on your toes...at least you couldn't get bored trying to figure out what was happening. Have a wonderful vacation exploring.
    Have lots of fun and get lots of exercise :)
    You left us in good hands...Carol dressed for Halloween...very energetic and fun.
    Stay Safe!
    Monday Class

  3. Glad you made it out there O.K. I'm glad you had fun trying to figure out your books too...not! Thanks for getting us such a great sub (your old leader, Carol). We look forward to seeing you back on Monday nights in Groveport but hope you enjoy your vacation.
    Sharon/Monday night Groveport