Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, 10/28/10

Today I started the day at an outlet outlet shopping is NOT my idea of a vacation. However, that is where the visitors center is located. So, I started there.  A very helpful woman was working at the visitors center.  I explained my hesitation to visit some places on my own, and asked that she show me some places to be sure to see as well as places I should avoid (due to safety). She showed me a few spots I want to be sure to see before I leave NM. 

It was rather interesting to have a complete stranger say they admire me for traveling by myself...truth be told; I was scared to travel alone.  However, I have realized that if I always waited to have others to go and do things with I would rarely leave my house. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."  So fear aside, here I am.

From there I drove to Pecos, NM. The drive was beautiful up through and around the Santa Fe National Forest. I toured the ruins of a 18th century mission church and Kiva's built by the Pueblo Indians during the Indian revolt of 1680.

Then I drove back to Santa Fe to The Bishops Lodge Resort for an incredible dinner of chipotle mushroom linguine. After dinner I walked over to the stables for a breathtaking horseback ride at sunset.  

Today was a great day..."cold" but great!!  Tomorrow (Friday) I am headed to Taos. 


  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time! New Mexico really is lovely.

  2. Hi Becky. You are right...If you want to go, go!
    While waiting at home for someone to go with you or to invite you, time just passes by (although it is nice to have someone along to share your adventures). I'm sure with your personality, it is not hard to make friends. Keep having fun and Stay Safe.

  3. Thanks Rumi. You can say that again!! :o)

    JoAnn, Thanks to you too! Funny thng is, I am better in front of a room of 1,000 than I am with 1 person I don't know...but, I'm learning :o) "Nothing to it but to do it"